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Welcome to Pokey Oaks Kindergarten! . . . . . .

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Image 62
<i>Uploaded by:</i>&nbsp;<br> <i> Email address:</i>&nbsp; Here I am with 3 members of my class, Buttercup, Bubbles, and Blossom.
Posted: 9/11/2003
<i>Image id:</i>&nbsp;62<br> <i>File name:</i>&nbsp;po4.jpg<br> <i>File size:</i>&nbsp;11251&nbsp;bytes<br> <i> File ext:</i>&nbsp;image/pjpeg<br> <a href="del.asp?id=62">delete-photo</a>---<a href="PictureForm.html">add new photo</a>
Image 57
<i>Uploaded by:</i>&nbsp;<br> <i> Email address:</i>&nbsp; Pictures that are a maximum of 600 pixels wide will allow visitors to view them without having to scroll horizontally.
Posted: 3/10/2003
<i>Image id:</i>&nbsp;57<br> <i>File name:</i>&nbsp;ScreenRuler.gif<br> <i>File size:</i>&nbsp;2442&nbsp;bytes<br> <i> File ext:</i>&nbsp;image/gif<br> <a href="del.asp?id=57">delete-photo</a>---<a href="PictureForm.html">add new photo</a>
Image 52
<i>Uploaded by:</i>&nbsp;<br> <i> Email address:</i>&nbsp; Ü
Posted: 3/7/2003
<i>Image id:</i>&nbsp;52<br> <i>File name:</i>&nbsp;2ez50.gif<br> <i>File size:</i>&nbsp;1249&nbsp;bytes<br> <i> File ext:</i>&nbsp;image/gif<br> <a href="del.asp?id=52">delete-photo</a>---<a href="PictureForm.html">add new photo</a>
Image 50
<i>Uploaded by:</i>&nbsp;<br> <i> Email address:</i>&nbsp; From Netscape 7
Posted: 3/6/2003
<i>Image id:</i>&nbsp;50<br> <i>File name:</i>&nbsp;finger.gif<br> <i>File size:</i>&nbsp;903&nbsp;bytes<br> <i> File ext:</i>&nbsp;image/gif<br> <a href="del.asp?id=50">delete-photo</a>---<a href="PictureForm.html">add new photo</a>
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