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Miss Keane

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Welcome to Pokey Oaks Kindergarten! . . . . . .

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Hi Oscar! I love what you have here! It is so easy and I've already been getting questions from people about how they can create a web site in their "spare time!" (which we all know is a joke from August to May!) so I've been telling people about your product and been referring them to your site, but I do have a few questions.

Is this something that is intended for individual purchase? You provide the hosting, if necessary, right?
Yes. For the very modest charge of 20 bucks a year one gets:
The URL sarasotaschools.com/TheirName or edfoundation.com/TheirName
A "template" of their choice(this choice can be changed at anytime without losing any posted data) Miss Keane chose an Organization Web

Standard Web: http://sarasotaschools.com/MrsDoe/
Organization Web: http://sarasotaschools.com/LatinClub/
One Page Web: http://sarasotaschools.com/MrDoe/

Can this link to and be hosted by the district server, as a teacher's website off our school site? Are you selling the template, or the hosting of the site or both?

The sites can link to and from anywhere. The "template" is server code and not for sale at this time. The sites are hosted on a (my) privately owned sarasotaschools.com server.


How much web space can we use?
I have set no rules at this time on how much server disk space an individual web can use. When and if storage ever becomes an issue I will discuss it with the individual web master. The only potential problem area of the existing format is the picture upload. Some people have uploaded several image files greater than 1 megabyte in file size. That as you know is not really a good file size for web page images. But when I discover one of those, I just convert it to a web ready image without bothering the person who uploaded it. A 1.3M .png image file can be easily converted to a 60k .jpg file without any image quality loss.

Just think of this as a web site that is especially good for those months August through May. Ü It also gives a person an idea of what maintaining a web site entails. It allows for some experimentation with HTML code. It allows a teacher to easily communicate with students and parents in a very efficient manner outside the classroom. To be honest, as you know, very few teachers will maintain a web site. But for those who will, this I believe is a very easy way to do so. And for those who want a conventional web site, they can keep their URL and establish their own full featured web site on the sarasotaschools.com server. I haven't determined a price for that yet, but I think that I can provide that for about 40 dollars annually.

That 40 dollar figure is also what I plan to offer the Classroom Portal for. I know I told you soon, so I can honestly say that it is even sooner now than it was then. Ü (Now Available) Class Portal: http://edfoundation.com/Portal101/

Thank you once again for your interest. I do hope 2eZweb will benefit some students, some parents, and even a few of those very special people we call teachers.

Regards, Oscar

No matter how large or small, how good or bad, every web site consists of 3 elements.


As the applications for building a Web site become more complex, it is easy to forget that the most important part of any Web site is the content it contains and how well that content speaks to its audience. A webmaster should realize that a site is not his, but rather that it belongs to the site’s visitors. Content management, site organization, and graphic presentaion are all key components to Web development.

Quality work in each area helps ensure that your site is a usable as well as a useful tool for the visitors of the site. 2eZweb © provides the site organization, and selectable options for the graphic presentation. This allows the webmaster to concentrate his or her efforts on the site’s most important element, its content.

AT the bottom left of each page you will see a Ü (smile)
• 2eZweb© Ü <--- Use this to EDIT each of the pages
^--- Use the DOT to set up the colors and graphics for the site.
The DOT is found only on the HOME page.

The password is ******** (email help@2ezweb.com for your password)Ü
Note the LINKS page has a delete option. Try not to DELETE all the links. And keep at least one picture on the PICTURES page as well. Ü

 help@2ezweb.com or just Create Your Own 2eZweb web site.

I am neither walls nor shelves nor even books that stand all in rows. I am the wisdom of the universe captivated and arranged for you. I am an open door, enter.

Home of the Bookworms
Pokey Oaks Kindergarten
1234 Hatton Street
Townsville, FL 34230
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