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[4:53:52 AM | 11/21/2010 | ]
Just bought a bonded leather sofa and loveseat on 11/15/09 had it delivered from a company they use, which I thought was strange. I had to pay 100.00 cash. After the quick delivery, I notices two areas of defect, the top corner of the sofa was sagging seems as if the stuffing is gone, and then I see the arm rest is attached with an item that looks like a 12 inch ruler(piece of heavy cardboard!). I called the sales person right away and he said he couldnt help, that cust. service would call me. Then they said they cant send someone out to look at it for 2 weeks! I told them I want a new sofa and that I dont want it fixed. I was told that is not their policy, if they deem it fixable thats what they will do. After that, some staples fell out of the bottom of the couch and one was sticking out and cut me. The loveseat has a console that has such a strong chemical smell, no matter what I cleaned it with the smell wont go away, and that was sold as is no returns because it had a slight nick in it. I called the store back and was told thats their policy and they cant help me. I tried calling the corporate office 727-545-9555 and was told to speak to Christine Ball, of course I had to leave a message. I wish I had done my homework and looked at the thousands of complaints and lawsuits against Kanes first. The couch turns out not to even be bonded leather-and it was made in China as I found it online the exact same couch, different manufacturer and of course cheaper. Please dont ever purchase anything from Kane's -save yourself the heartache of losing almost 2000.00. They also said if it had to be returned-even if its damaged from them, there is a 20% charge and another 100.00 moving fee.To top it off, they knew I just finished undergoing cancer therapy and still dont have any decency to help me with this. This company should be put out of business and have a class action lawsuit against them. If anyone does wish to do so, Id definetely be interested in joining them in doing so! 
[9:10:58 AM | 11/20/2009 | ]
Nice web-site 
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