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Trump is unpopular, polls show, but Congress is less popular. It's also unclear if he can command support.
America may soon face a question of leadership.
Mayor says Trump still hasn't called
The Charlottesville, Virginia, Mayor Michael Signer told CNN's Anderson Cooper that President Trump has not called him since the violent white supremacist protests.
Trump defiant after outburst as GOP dodges
Republican lawmakers and administration aides found themselves again Wednesday weighing the costs and benefits of remaining loyal to President Donald Trump, whose equivocal statements about neo-Nazis and white supremacists marked a dramatic shift in presidential rhetoric.
Republicans who are denouncing Trump
Republicans are mixed in their response after President Donald Trump's unpredictable Tuesday news conference, during which he defended white supremacists and blamed "both sides" for violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.
Before Trump's remarks, 'white advocate' made same claim
CNN Senior Investigative Correspondent Drew Griffin spoke with a leader in the white nationalist movement and found striking similarities to the arguments the President himself presented.
Former CIA director slams Trump's 'dangerous' comments
Former CIA director John Brennan slammed President Donald Trump's "dangerous" and "ugly" comments on the deadly violence at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend -- writing a personal letter to CNN's Wolf Blitzer after "The Situation Room" anchor spoke publicly about the fact that he lost all four grandparents to the evils of Nazism.
Behind the scenes as Trump's business councils fell apart
Opinion: By leaving Trump's panel, CEO's made things worse
It's hard to imagine that mob violence over a Confederate statue in Charlottesville, Virginia, has any bearing on business groups organized by the White House, but the President's two CEO panels ended up toppled in the chaos of the past week anyway. There is a lesson here, but it may be different from what you think.
Bannon calls white supremacists 'clowns'
Steve Bannon disparaged the mindset that motivates white supremacists in a Wednesday interview, calling the group "a collection of clowns."
Bannon slams White House colleagues
Embattled White House chief strategist Steve Bannon declared in an interview published Wednesday that the US is at "economic war with China," promised aggressive trade actions against Beijing and said he is "fighting" other top White House aides "every day."
Source: Bannon says he didn't know he was being interviewed
Robert Kuttner of The American Prospect talks about his interview with Steve Bannon, saying Donald Trump's chief strategist's claim that he didn't know he was being interviewed isn't believable.
Ivanka Trump remains silent
Sequestered on a two-day holiday with her husband Jared Kushner in Vermont, Ivanka Trump, President Donald Trump's eldest daughter -- one of his senior advisers and the closest member of his family who is Jewish -- has yet to comment on the events of her father's Tuesday afternoon press conference.
Woman rear-ended by Charlottesville suspect: God put me there for a reason
The two women who were in the car hit by the Charlottesville attacker detail their experience moments after the crash and say God put them there for a reason.
Apple's Tim Cook: I disagree with Trump on Charlottesville
Watch John Kelly react to Trump speech
On Tuesday, President Trump's aides planned an infrastructure-focused event that didn't go according to plan. NBC captured video of Chief of Staff John Kelly looking stern as his boss went off script.
Thousands gather for peaceful candlelight vigil at UVA
Thousands gathered Wednesday night for a vigil at the University of Virginia days after violent clashes in Charlottesville led to the death of a woman during a white supremacist rally. The crowd sang, "we are not afraid," a verse from "We Shall Overcome."
S. Korea's President pledges 'no war on Korean peninsula'
South Korean President Moon Jae-in has said US and South Korean policies are aligned on North Korea and promised there "will be no war on the Korean peninsula ever again."
ACLU takes heat for defending white supremacist group
Last weekend's deadly violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, has put the American Civil Liberties Union on the defensive for representing the white supremacists and generated furious debate over First Amendment speech rights.
Vice reporter disputes Trump's remarks
Elle Reeve of Vice News talks to CNN's Anderson Cooper about her experience on the ground in Charlottesville, Virginia, during a white nationalist rally that has sparked national outrage.
'March on Google' is off, organizers say
Report: Trump lawyer sends email warning of 'terrorist' infiltration of Black Lives Matter
A personal lawyer to President Donald Trump forwarded an email comparing Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee to founding US President George Washington, and saying that the activist movement Black Lives Matter "has been totally infiltrated by terrorist groups," The New York Times reported Wednesday evening.
Rosa Parks stands among Confederate figures in US Capitol
CNN correspondent Ryan Nobles examines the statutes inside the US Capitol, where each state is allowed to honor two of their most famous residents. At least nine states have chosen to honor those with ties to the Confederacy.
Report: LeBron '100% leaving' Cavs again
The trade that could lead to 16-0 Patriots season
Neo-Nazi website loses protection from key tech firm
Performer buses audience to Trump protest
Filmmaker Michael Moore invited the audience at his one-man Broadway show to join him at a Trump Tower protest.
This hotel asks Jewish guests to shower before entering pool
A Swiss hotel has been accused of anti-Semitism after a manager reportedly posted signs instructing Jewish guests to shower before using its pool.
Tom Cruise breaks ankle in stunt
Production on the latest installment of the "Mission: Impossible" franchise is on hold as star Tom Cruise recovers from an ankle injury sustained on set, the film's studio confirms to CNN.
Anna Faris offers relationship advice
Anna Faris had some words of wisdom for a caller on her podcast, and some are viewing it as insight into her marriage with Chris Pratt.
Antifa? White nationalist? A glossary for today's political climate
If you're not sure how heated our current political climate is, just look at the top searches on Merriam-Webster:
NBAers are tweeting at this ex-school teacher
NFL GM: National anthem protests 'divisive'
Stolen $160M painting found at estate sale
An iconic painting by Willem de Kooning entitled, "Woman-Ochre," is returning home after being stolen 31 years ago.
Ultimate bucket list: 50 natural wonders
Water, fire and ice have combined to make some of the most spectacular scenery in the world -- from giant crystal caves to mud volcanoes and rock formations that look like works of art.
Meet the world's highest outdoor whisky bar
Does whisky taste better at higher altitudes?
World's 50 most delicious drinks
We all know, as suggested by our wait staff, that drinks come before food. But let's wait on the main course for a while. For now, the drink list has arrived. Take a swig, or the chug the lot in one.
White nationalist: 'Make white privilege great again'
White nationalist Richard Spencer tells CNN's "United Shades of America with W. Kamau Bell" he'd like to "bathe in white privilege."
'This is the Klan' TV show
As part of an episode for "United Shades of America," W. Kamau Bell visited a TV show put on by the KKK.
KKK member: If whites were in charge ...
A KKK leader explains his views on whites and blacks to comedian W. Kamau Bell for an episode of "United Shades of America."
Kamau Bell meets KKK imperial wizard
Comedian and political critic, W. Kamau Bell meets the leader of Arkansas Ku Klux Klan.
Is this the best design of 2017?
An Olympic flag for refugees and a knitted hat worn in protest against Donald Trump have been named among the year's best designs.
Look closer: That's not a photo
Photorealism -- the process of replicating a photograph through a different medium -- was once considered a fad, but the 1970s arts movement has stood the test of time.
Elvis, the King
Kimmel roasted by Trump supporters
Jimmy Kimmel reads social media responses after he begged Trump supporters to stop supporting the President on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"
On late-night TV, Trump's no laughing matter anymore
Meet the world's fastest car. Price: $3 million
Driving the Bugatti Chiron provides a lesson in glorious excess.
Apple is on the hunt for original TV shows
Apple is finally getting serious about original TV programming.
Use energy from your lawn to heat your home
Wow, does Trump have an awful opinion of his own voters
Criticized by conservatives and liberals, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle and virtually everyone in between, President Donald Trump is finding few defenders of his own renewed defense of white nationalist protesters who turned violent on Saturday in Charlottesville, Virginia.
Can decent people remain in Trump cabinet?
President Donald Trump was not standing alone on the podium when he informed the world that some participants in the Charlottesville neo-Nazi march were "very fine people."
North Korea gives US a clear choice
US President Donald Trump implied in one of his latest tweets that he forced North Korea to back down over its threat to Guam. It's a dangerous misperception that could cause the crisis to escalate and Trump to miss what could be the best chance he will have to halt the tests of missiles that can now threaten the American homeland.
Even if statues come down, demons remain
"Repulsive" was the word used by House of Representative Speaker Paul Ryan.
Service chiefs' tweets show leadership
As of Wednesday, each of the four service chiefs -- the heads of the Navy, Army, Marine Corps and Air Force -- have issued statements denouncing racism and bigotry in the wake of the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.
My grandparents would be shocked by Trump
My grandparents, Myron Kuznicki and Raisse Volovitz, arrived in America in the 1920s. At the time, they were escaping anti-Semitism in Russia and Ukraine.
Refinance rates take a sharp decline
Managing severe asthma: what to know
3 cards charging 0% interest until 2019
Security clearance under review for right-wing activist Trump retweeted
The security clearance of Jack Posobiec, a right-wing activist and Navy intelligence officer, is under review, a Navy official told CNN.
House Democrats push to censure Trump over 'both sides' comments on Charlottesville
Three House Democrats drafted a resolution to formally censure President Donald Trump for saying Tuesday that "both sides" shared responsibility for the violence at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, that resulted in the death of Heather Heyer, a young woman protesting hate groups, as well as injuring more than a dozen people.
DHS ends program for Central American minors
The Trump administration is ending a program that allowed certain at-risk Central American youths to live in the US, a move that removes an option for desperate parents that served as an alternative to human smuggling.
Sessions: Chicago's sanctuary city policies are 'lawlessness'
US Attorney General Jeff Sessions criticized the city of Chicago Wednesday for its "lawless" sanctuary city policies.
Calling BS on BMI: How can we tell how fat we are?
Bodybuilder dies eating high-protein diet
Meegan Hefford, a 25-year-old bodybuilder, was found unconscious on June 19 in her Mandurah, Western Australia, apartment, according to CNN affiliate Australia News 7.
When a mom makes her child sick
"I never saw it coming," said Susan, whose family requested that we not use their last names.
Marvel's 'Defenders' finds fun in superhero team-up
The product of meticulous planning, "Marvel's The Defenders" starts slowly but rewards patience, gradually uniting its "street level" heroes against a somewhat amorphous but bigger-than-any-one-can-handle threat. Cast as the anti-Avengers, this latest Netflix show underscores Marvel's ambitions and ability to wring value out of characters that aren't exactly household names.
DJ in Taylor Swift case maintains his innocence
For six days inside of a downtown Denver courtroom, David Mueller sat facing the jury of eight people that would ultimately rule that he assaulted and battered one of the biggest names in music: Taylor Swift.
Daniel Craig confirms return as James Bond
Marlon Wayans' new TV show hits close to home
Marlon Wayans doesn't wait for acting opportunities -- he creates them.
World's 10 most livable cities
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