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Woodward and Bernstein defend a free press against President Trump
Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward of Watergate fame argued Saturday night that good journalism is more crucial to a free society than ever in a climate of increasing hostility between the White House and the press.
Hasan Minhaj's best lines from correspondents' dinner
President Donald Trump was a no-show at the first White House Correspondents' Association dinner of his presidency. But that didn't keep "Daily Show" comedian Hasan Minhaj from addressing "the elephant not in the room."
Trump slams WH correspondents' dinner
At a campaign-style rally on his 100th day in office, President Trump mocks the White House correspondents' dinner, saying he would rather be with the "better people" at his rally.
Trump delivers divisive, determined speech at campaign-style event
Instead of following in the footsteps of his predecessors, President Donald Trump again forged his own path Saturday, opting to host a campaign-style rally in Pennsylvania instead of attending the White House Correspondents' Association dinner in Washington.
Gergen: Most divisive presidential speech I've ever heard
Former presidential adviser David Gergen called President Donald Trump's speech at a campaign-style rally in Pennsylvania "deeply disturbing."
Trump: We all bleed the same red blood
Donald Trump closed his 100th-day rally in Pennsylvania with a message of unity, saying no matter the color of our skin "we all bleed the same red blood."
Cillizza: Chuck Schumer's wild prediction
Chuck Schumer is not only the leader of Democrats in the Senate. He's also the smartest political mind of that group. Which makes what the New York Senator told MSNBC on Friday sort of perplexing.
Why are Americans so infatuated with guns?
Guns are not a part of the culture of my homeland, except perhaps for the occasional Bollywood movie in which the bad guy meets his demise staring down the wrong end of a barrel.
Protesters march against Trump's climate policies
Thousands of people who support action on climate change are expected to brave the sweltering heat Saturday and march through the nation's capital as part of the People's Climate March.
EPA scrubs climate change info from website
The EPA removed most climate change information from its website Friday, saying in a press release that language on the website is being updated to "reflect the approach of new leadership."
SpaceX to launch spy satellite
Elon Musk's SpaceX will attempt to deliver a mysterious satellite into orbit for the U.S. intelligence community on Sunday.
N.Korea's chilling mock attack on US
North Korea escalates its aggressive rhetoric against the United States. CNN's Will Ripley reports from Pyongyang, North Korea.
Girl scalped at carnival speaks out
12-year-old Elizabeth Gilreath is speaking out nearly one year after she was scalped on a carnival ride in Omaha, Nebraska. WOWT has more.
Opinion: How much did United pay out?
US service member killed near Mosul
A US service member died from wounds sustained in an explosive device blast on Saturday outside of Mosul, Iraq, according to a statement from the anti-ISIS coalition.
Police: Teacher encouraged bullying of girl
The 11-year-old girl was relentlessly bullied. And the culprit, police say, were her teachers.
Report: Hernandez's estate now worth $0
NFL draft shows league still clueless about violence against women
Trump leaves door open for military action against North Korea
President Donald Trump would not rule out the use of military force against North Korea in an interview on CBS's "Face the Nation" on Saturday, just hours after Pyongyang launched a missile test in defiance of international pressure.
Pope warns of dire consequences of war
Pope Francis said Saturday he worries that rising tensions between the United States and North Korea could lead to a wide military conflict that would wipe out a "large part of humanity."
How should US respond to North Korea?
Sen. Chris Coons on how the US should respond the latest ballistic missile shot by North Korea.
Homeland Security secretary: Kim Jong Un 'knows what he's doing'
Shortly after news broke of another North Korean missile test, Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said the country's dictator, Kim Jong Un, "seems like someone who knows what he's doing."
Kelly: NK nuke may reach U.S. in Trump's term
The head of Homeland Security discusses North Korea's nuclear capability.
Gun to head, cashier icily hands over cash
A Kansas City Jimmy John's cashier seemed unfazed after a man pointed a gun to his head during a robbery caught on video.
NFL Draft Day 3 grades
NFL prospect could earn $2M due to slide in draft
Luxury festival descends into chaos
If you turned up at the Fyre Festival wooed by its ads -- and many, many fans did -- you'd think you were in for a weekend of top-notch acts playing for your entertainment, as models in bikinis paraded around and private jets and yachts ferried you to and from the beautiful Caribbean paradise. Everything any good millennial needs for a strong Instagram post.
Cuban plane crash kills 8 troops
A plane carrying eight members of the Cuban military crashed Saturday morning in a mountainous part of the island, the military said through state media. Everyone on board was killed, the Ministry of the Revolutionary Armed Forces announced, according to Granma.
Singer and quarterback welcome baby girl
Ciara and Russell Wilson's baby girl is here.
When the 'Kiss Cam' gets real awkward
Ellen said 2 words ... and changed the world
Ellen DeGeneres takes a look back at her coming out episode 20 years ago on her sitcom "Ellen."
Emma Watson's late night mix-up
On "The Tonight Show," Emma Watson and Jimmy Fallon talked about her confusing him with Jimmy Kimmel during her first appearance on the show.
The female photographers challenging norms
31 amazing travel photos
If inspiration is the first step in travel, the journey starts with these photos.
The week in 29 photos
Take a look at 29 photos of the week from April 21 through April 27.
What Obama told Tom Hanks on yacht
Tom Hanks talks about his vacation with former President Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Bruce Springsteen on "The Late Show with Steven Colbert."
Trump can't stop U.S. jobs from leaving
American companies have continued to ship jobs overseas on an almost daily basis during President Trump's first 100 days in office.
Why a higher debt ceiling is no license to spend
How to earn $5,000 a year more in retirement
Many people expect their living costs to drop in retirement, and while this might be true in certain cases, it isn't always.
Want to be a millionaire? Do this
You might be surprised at how much of a difference a small increase can make.
Trump's report card: From 'A's to 'F's
The best thing Trump has done
Why Muslims are marching for climate
From the cropless farmer to the beleaguered first responder to the person forced to evacuate their flooded home, we all have our reasons for caring about climate change. As an Indonesian-born Muslim living in California, it is my faith that compels me to protect our earth.
Kamau Bell: Why give white supremacist air?
"Why are you giving Richard Spencer a platform?"
Penny Pritzker: My immigrant story
More than 130 years ago, my great-great-grandparents left then-czarist Russia for the United States with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Escaping political oppression, they emigrated to Chicago with no knowledge of the English language, and at a time when immigrating "legally" meant little more than writing, by hand, the family's name in a notebook at Ellis Island.
Mortgage rates just plummeted. Lock in now!
7 surprising health dangers of soda
2 cards charging 0% interest until 2019
Trump: '8-year assault' on Second Amendment is over
MS-13 is Trump's public enemy No.1, but should it be?
President Donald Trump and his top immigration enforcers have begun to focus their attention on the deadly MS-13 gang, saying the administration's hardline immigration policies are focused on stopping its spread in the US.
Trump's 100 days in 14 charts
President Donald Trump's 100th day in office on Saturday follows a campaign in which he promised to revolutionize the US government's role in virtually all areas.
Trump: 'I thought it would be easier'
President Donald Trump, reflecting on a first 100 days in office that has featured no major legislative wins and low approval ratings, said Thursday he thought the job would be easier.
Diabetes, weight can combine to alter brain, study says
It's well-known that type 2 diabetes can cause medical complications in certain organs, including the brain. But overweight and obese people with early-stage type 2 diabetes have more severe abnormalities in brain structure and cognition than normal-weight people with type 2 diabetes, according to a new study in Diabetologia, the journal of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes.
Help people with dementia lead better lives
Alzheimer's disease has an unusual distinction: It's the illness that Americans fear most -- more than cancer, stroke or heart disease.
What that energy drink can do to your body
Energy drinks may be popular -- the global energy drink market was worth $39 billion in 2013 and is forecast to reach $61 billion by 2021 -- but they have gotten a bad rep among health experts.
The controversy around '13 Reasons Why'
Geena Davis is the ultimate female protagonist
As a slugger, a president, the Thelma to Louise or an advocate for gender parity in Hollywood, Geena Davis is the ultimate female protagonist.
The real winner of Trump's 100 days: Hollywood
Donald Trump promised supporters so much winning they would become exhausted. While the president enjoys at best sparse backing in Hollywood, his election has produced its share of showbiz winners, and less demonstrably losers.
Emma Watson, Tom Hanks do social media right
Emma Watson is selective with her social media use.
'Handmaid's Tale' is 'scarily relevant' in Trump era
Note: This story contains spoilers from the first three episodes of Hulu's "The Handmaid's Tale."
5 stunning private island retreats
More women nominated for food's top prize
8 endangered sites to see now
25 of the world's best honeymoon hotels
Can't get that song out of your head? Here's why
In 2009, Lady Gaga sang about being caught in a bad romance, and people the world over were, almost instantly, able to sing along.
How Sting, Springsteen and Billy Joel healed America
Whenever I think about a pivotal event in my personal life, there always seems to be a song associated with it:
Clinton: 'Ain't no funk in the Trump'
At 75 years old, the self-proclaimed "godfather of the funk" shows no signs of slowing down.
That song doesn't mean what you think
At this very moment, there's a couple out there realizing that "their" song, the 2005 hit ballad "You're Beautiful," has nothing to do with a loving, body-positive relationship and everything to do with a stalker who's stoned out of his mind.
This is the new American protest anthem
Black Lives Matter activist Zellie Imani remembers the moment civil rights leader the Rev. Jesse Jackson came to Ferguson, Missouri, in the wake of Michael Brown's 2014 death.
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